SmartScripps™ G2 30 Cavity Troche Molds


Assess the liability risk of using alternate non child resistant troche molds available on the market.

Often, troches are sweetened, flavored and mimic the look and taste of candy by children. Current troche molds on the market allow children easy access to up to 30 doses of a "candy" tasting prescription. This packaging provides an added level of security for you and your patients with tamper evident and certified child resistance. SmartScripps™ Troche Molds are the new standard for professionally compounded troches.

SmartScripps™ Features

  • Child Resistant: CFR 1700 and ISO 8317 compliant
  • Tamper evident (seals included)
  • Meets USP light transmission requirements
  • BPA free and FDA compliant resin
  • 30 count quarter-scored cavities
  • Easy to fill 1ml cavities
  • Patented
  • Suitable for gelatin based troches with non-stick insert
  • Avg. 1.20 g/cavity Techna 20 SF Troche Base
  • Avg. 1.195 g/cavity Techna 10 SF Troche Base
  • Avg. 1.17 g/cavity PEG 1450 (Base A)
  • Avg. 1.00 g/cavity Techna Natural SF Troche Base
  • (Gelatin Inserts Here)

Innovative Design

  • Child resistant: CFR 1700 and ISO 8317 compliant
  • Patient signature not needed for dispensing in non-child resistant container
  • Cavities flex for easy troche removal
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Color options: Pink, Blue, Purple & Clear
  • Recyclable ♷
  • Made in the United States
"About 60,000 young children end up in emergency rooms each year [in the United States] because they got into medicines while an adult wasn't looking."

Easy to Compound...

  • Fill tray cavities. Insert tray into sleeve until it locks
  • Apply optional tamper evident seal

Easy to Use...

  • Squeeze side tabs simultaneously while sliding tray out to dispense
  • Slide tray in fully to lock

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Additional Information:

Product Info Sheet: PDF Product Information Sheet

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