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Technical Document

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Spectrum Chemicals Technical Data Sheets:

AntiMicrobial Preservative classes Non-sterile Personnel Training
Antimicrobial Preservative Properties Quality Assurance - Weight Assessments
Capsule Size Chart Seven Steps to Success with Capsules
Capsules - Summer Shipments Solubility of FDC Colours
Capsules - Winter Shipments Solubility Parameters Charts
Chemical Melting Points Stability of FDC Colours in Acid and Bases
Compounding Bases Stability of FDC in Sugars
Conversion Chart Suggested SOP For Development of a CSP Formula
Depyrogenation Sweeteners and Flavor Enhancers Maskers
Developing Cleaning Program Table of Atomic Weights
Environmental Monitoring Terms Describing Powder Fineness Related to Mes Size
Filter Selection Guide Thyroid Equivalencies
Flavouring Guide Understanding the C of A
Flavouring Guide - Veterinary USP 71 FAQs
Formulating Capsules Guide USP 795 Beyond Use Dates
Graduated Cylinders USP 797 Risk Levels
Mesh Conversion USP 797 Beyond Use Dates


SpecializedRX Technical Data Sheets:

Product Name File
AMD Mini™ Airless Metered Dose Dispensers PDF
Angelsil™ Advanced Silicone Dermatology Base PDF
Apple (Fuji Red) WS PDF
Blister Pack - X-TABB™ RDT/Troche PDF
Bitter-Bloc Pure Powder PDF
Bitter-Bloc WS Anhydrous Liquid Concentrate PDF
Bitter-Bloc™ WS Powder Concentrate PDF
Bitter-Bloc™  WS/OS Anhydrous Liquid Concentrate PDF
Blu Balm™ Advanced Healing Ointment Base PDF
Candy Apple Red Natural Food Color Powder PDF
CapsOral ® Capsule Excipient PDF
Capsules -Empty Gelatin / HPMC PDF
Caramel SD Natural Powder Flavor Concentrate PDF
CatCraze WS/OS Powder Concentrate PDF
Deep Purple Natural Food Color Powder PDF
DisperseRx™ Ultra Fine Powder Nasal Base PDF
Emerald Green Natural Food Color Powder PDF
Excellatab™ QDC Direct Compression Tableting Base PDF
Excellatab™ RDT Direct Compression Tableting Base PDF
Excell-RDT SF™ Rapid Dissolve Tablet Base PDF
Flavors Natural Liquid  PDF
FOS-A Fixed Oil Suspension Vehicle PDF
FOS-A™ SWEETENED Fixed Oil Suspension Vehicle PDF
Glidetab FX Direct Compression Tableting Base PDF
Glidetab P125 Direct Compression Tableting Base PDF
Golden Yellow Natural Food Color Powder PDF
HyaluronV Anhydrous Hybrid Emulsion PDF
HyaluronV LIGHT Anhydrous Hybrid Emulsion PDF
Klear Gummy Anhydrous Base PDF
Krystal SF™ Quickset Hard Candy Base  PDF
Mandarin Orange Natural Food Color Powder PDF
Marshmallow Natural SD Powder Flavor Concentrate PDF
Mocha Brown Natural Food Color Powder PDF
Nextol SF™ Hard Candy Base PDF
Oral Syringe Dispensers  PDF
Orange Citrus™ Natural SD Powder Flavor Concentrate PDF
OraPenn™ SD Anhydrous PDF
PolyBlend Rx Suppository Base  PDF
PreDose Bitterness Blocking Taste Enhancer PDF
ProCap 90 Capsule Excipient PDF
ProCap 100™ Capsule Excipient PDF
Relianox Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent PDF
RocketMolds™ Suppository Compounding Molds PDF
Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Powder Concentrate PDF
Royal Blue Natural Food Color Powder PDF
SmartPopps™ System Suggested Use Instructions PDF
Sunset Red Natural Food Color Powder PDF
Supposi-Plex™ R36 Suppository Base PDF
Supposi-Plex™ V33 Suppository Base PDF
Supposi-Plex™ V65 Emulsifying Suppository Base PDF
Suppository Mold Aluminum PDF
Suppository Shell Holder PDF
Suspend S267™  Powder PDF
SuspendRx™ Anhydrous Oral Suspension Vehicles PDF
SuspendRx™ SF Alka Unflavored  PDF
Tablet Triturate Molds, 100 Cavity Hard Coated  PDF
Techna 10 SF™ Troche Base  PDF
Techna 10™ Troche Base Unsweetened PDF
Techna 20 SF™ Troche Base  PDF
Techna 20™ Troche Base Unsweetened  PDF
Techna Natural SF™ Troche Base (G2)  PDF
Techna Natural™ Troche Base Unsweetened (G2)  PDF
ThixFix™ 100 Topical Thickener/Emulsifier/Stabilizer  PDF
TripleMint™ Natural SD Powder Flavor Concentrate  PDF
TritTab™ Sugar/Lactose-Free Tablet Triturate Base PDF
TritTab™ Velvet Tablet Triturate Base PDF
VersaCream™ PRO Vanishing Cream Base PDF
VersaPenn™(AG) Anhydrous Transdermal Gel Base PDF
VersaPenn™(AL) Anhydrous Lipid Cream Base PDF
VersaPenn™(AL) Anhydrous Lipid Lotion Base PDF
VetPasteRx™ Anhydrous Oral Base  PDF
VetpasteRx™ Anhydrous Chicken Flavored Oral Base  PDF
Wild Berry Natural And Artificial Powder Flavor Concentrate PDF
Wild Cherry N&A Powder Flavor Concentrate  PDF
Witepsol® H15 (NF) Suppository Base PDF
X-TABB™ RDT And Troche System PDF

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